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Flamic Dough sheeter

conveyor belt width 600 mm

table length 850, 1000, 1200, 1400 or 1600 mm

electromechanical control panel

n. 2 rolling pins dough included

roller gap reduction: manual

digital display for lamination thickness

precise thickness regulation

fixed speed of conveyor belts (SF600D) or variable (SF600VD)

raised tables to limit the overall dimensions when the machine is not in use (excluded SF600Dx1600 and SF600VDx1600)

reverse laminating direction by handle and pedal

body in epoxy painted steel (on request in stainless steel)

easily removable scrapers


Trezza Dough sheeter

This dough sheeter is the result of refinements over the previous model, while retaining robust features that stay true to tradition, using advanced materials while ensuring the utmost confidence. The length of cylinders and their aperture, 50mm, combined with careful consideration of the different speeds of cylinders and belts, are features that enable this machine to reach excellent handling parameters. The belts are inverted by an easy-to-use external arm and the belt holder tires are detachable. Equipped with stainless steel safety guards with a safety switch, this dough sheeter is available in 600mm wide belt versions. On request, a stainless steel version is available and the 600mm model can be equipped with a trimmer on request.

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