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Trezza oven

The new open-door heat recuperator offers: greater start-up thrust in the product; improved baking quality; less fuel consumption; quicker baking times

Structure: front, baking chamber and boiler made of steel guaranteed for a long working life. Boiler: with fume recuperation for maximum efficiency with minimum consumption. Fan: direct drive to guarantee noise-free and long-term operation. Steam generators: powerful and quick to recuperate, equipped with a timer and multiple water inlets to generate lots of steam. Power supply: methane gas, fuel oil or electricity


Zucchelli Forni Oven

Rotary convection oven.

Suitable for both baking and pastry-making workshops.

Compact but significant productive capacity.

Available in electric or combustion (gas, oil, etc.) versions

Removable baking rack for 15 or 18 trays (not included).

Particularly reduced structure depth (service compartment located on the left side of the oven).


Zucchelli Deck oven

Fixed deck static oven

 - Usable chamber width: 180 cm
- Usable chamber depth: 160/200/250 cm (depending on the model)
- Combustion operated (gas, oil, etc.)
- Available with 3 or 4 chambers


Oven complete with

  » Refractory baking stone plates made of fiberglass
  » New humidifier sized for abundant steam supply
  » Powered extractor hood
  » Manual valve for steam excess exhaust
  » Tempered glass doors
  » Stainless steel front

  » All sizes are available upon request

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