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Spiral mixer

Pietroberto Spiral mixer

Easy use, ergonomics and design are the main features of the new mixers EASY series.

The new standard multifunction control panel allows either the traditional manual mode and the automatic programmable mode, eliminating all cyclic operations.

Over 100 years of Pietroberto’s experience in the dough mixing technology ensure the highest levels of functionality, reliability and safety


Trezza Spiral mixer

The body of the mixer is made of steel, the central tool, spiral arm and protective grid and bowl are all in stainless stee. This type of mixture is suitable for bakeries and cake shop and allows for shorter working times to be obtained. The work cycle can be manual or automatic with 2 speeds, both haing programmable timers. It is also possible to change the rotation of the bowl during the automatic cycle. Belt drivers eliminate vibration and noise: this system gives a considerable saving in maintenance costs. The low voltage electical system (24 volts) has an automatic protection system with a very simple control panel for use in automatic or manual mode. The mixer complies with the latest CE regulations.


F2 Spiral mixer

Top of the Effedue range of spiral mixers. Designed for the global market for mixing doughs made with a high gluten content or with a low percentage of liquid. Every part of the machine is reinforced, both in terms of its structure and its parts. It features 2 motors, a special drive to reduce stress and a large spiral, with possibility of installing larger motors in some models.

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