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Egg beaters

Starmix Planetary mixer

Bowl capacity 60,80,100,120 liters

Models by 3 speed or by electronic variable speed by inverter

Electromechanical control panel

Manual bowl lift or automatic on request

Fixed rotating plastic safety guard "F"

Structure in painted steel or in stainless steel on request


Pietroberto planetary mixer

Made up of a strong welded and stove enamelled steel structure, it is particularly suitable for pastry products.
The machine is equipped with 3 interchangeable tools: thin wire whisk, spatula, hook.
On request, it can be supplied complete with spiral tool, additional bowl and bowl trolley.
Control panel with 3 speed selector switch or with electronic variator for speed adjustment of the tool.
Stainless steel bowl and tools.
Very easy maintenance.
Motorized bowl lifting.
For particular needs the models Blue Mix 60 and 80 can be equipped with a set of bowl and tools to reduce the relevant capacities.

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